Mason City Schools Orchestra
Photo Sharing

We have set up a private photo sharing site, where families can share orchestra photos from concerts and other special events throughout the year. Flickr is the photo sharing website where we have an account for Mason Orchestra set up to store and share photos. All photos are available for sharing free of charge.


How do I view and download photos from our Mason Orchestra account?      Click on the following link, Mason Orchestra Flickr.
You can download and upload your photos for FREE.
How do I download photos?     Yes, this is FREE.
  • 1. Go here, Mason Orchestra Flickr.
  • 2. Sign In if you have a Flickr account (if not, thats ok).
  • 3. Click on the album you'd like to see.
  • 4. Click on the photo you'd like to download.
  • 5. Choose the download button (far right down arrow).
  • 6. "RIGHT" click on the size you want AND choose "Save Link As..." to download.
How do I upload my photos?     Send an email request to our Photo Volunteer parent ( and you will receive access and instructions by email as soon as possible.