High School Orchestra

Performing Arts Orchestra Fees for 2014-2015


Course Fees
Course Fee Description
Symphony Orchestra
Philharmonic Orchestra
Concert Orchestras
Freshmen Orchestras
$30.00 string method books, tuners, instrument,
instrument maintenance equipment,
instrument hardware, performance recordings



Apparel Fees
Item Fee Description
Concert Dress, ladies$65.00 one time purchase, student owns*
Tux Rental, men$30.00 dry cleaning, repair and replacement
Tux Shirt (new men only)$15.00 one time purchase, student owns
(student replaces)
For your convenience – Pay online through EZPay!

Orchestra fee payments are not included in the school fees. The Orchestra Department is moving to paying orchestra fees through the district's "EZ Pay". Many of you already use EZ Pay for payment of other fees. Using this method of payment will help tremendously with streamlining payments and record keeping. It is important to note that the Orchestra fee will not appear when you sign in to pay class fees. Music fees are coded as Activities fees and are not linked to student ID numbers. EZ Pay is easy to use by doing the following:

  • 1. Select "Pay Fees" from the district website.
  • 2. Create an account if you haven't already created one to pay school fees.
  • 3. Click on the "Activities" tab to pay orchestra fees.
  • 4. Select High School Orchestra, and make payment for the course fee.
  • 5. Select Activities tab again and Orchestra to pay any necessary Orchestra Apparel Fees. Choices are: "Ladies Dress Purchase", "Men's Tux Rental" and "Men's Tux Shirt Purchase". Returning ladies do not need to purchase a dress if they already own one that fits properly. Returning gentlemen do not need to purchase a new shirt if they already own one that fits correctly. All gentlemen must pay the Tux Rental Fee unless they own a tuxedo that has been approved by the orchestra director.
  • 6. The orchestra director will automatically receive confirmation of paid fees.



Orchestra fees may be paid through "EZ Pay" from August 12, 2014 – September 30th, 2015".



If you do not have the ability or access to pay online, you may also pay by cash or or check.

  • 1. Bring check or cash to Mrs. Jones. (They are not included with other school fees.
  • 2. Please include class fee and apparel fee on the same check.
  • 3. Make checks payable to: Mason City Schools, Memo Line: Orchestra - student name


* A small number of used dresses are being sold by alumni and can be purchased directly from the student who is selling. Please notify the apparel committee when they do the fittings if you are interested and they will see if there is the correct size available. Used dresses are sold on a first come, first serve basis.