Beginning Orchestra
Choosing Your Instrument

Choosing your student's first musical instrument can prove to be a milestone in their life. Many accomplished musicians point back to that first instrument they had as the point in which they became enamored with the idea of playing beautiful music. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing an instrument that is best for your student.

If your student is captivated by a specific instrument, it is worthy of consideration because that may keep them interested in playing. If the parent has a specific interest because they play a specific instrument and the child doesn't have a strong preference, the fact that the parent can help their child learn the instrument is also a strong consideration.





Who: All 5th grade students who are interested in playing a musical instrument in 6th grade and their parents.


What: The Band and Orchestra Fair is an opportunity for students and their parents to learn about the musical instruments that are taught in 6th grade. Students will have the opportunity to play the instruments that interest them. This will help students make a more informed choice when they select which instrument they would like to play. If you have an instrument at home, please bring it with you so that we can evaluate its viability for use in 6th grade band/orchestra.


When: Usually on a Saturday each April. We will have an electronic signup - Sign Up Genius for you each year. Walk-ins are welcome, but your RSVP will help us manage our time. Please plan on spending an hour of your time learning about and selecting an instrument.


Where: Orchestra Fair will be held in the MIS 5/6 Cafeteria. Orchestra includes Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.


Mrs. Molly Dolan

459-2850 ext. 71490