Intermediate School Orchestra
Courses & Programs

Enrollment for Orchestra & Band will coincide with Teacher/Team selections in May.


Students have the option to enroll in beginning band or orchestra in 6th grade as part of the Instrumental Music program. This option can be in addition to general music, but is not necessarily a substitute. Throughout the year, students will learn the basics of playing the instrument of their choice. Therefore, no previous experience is necessary. Instrumental music continues as part of the Middle School and High School music programs, but 6th grade orchestra and band classes are specifically designed for beginners, making 6th grade the best time to enroll in Instrumental Music.


Mason Intermediate School offers Instrumental Music as part of the Specials schedule. Beginning Orchestra is an optional class offered 2 days per week for the entire year.


Time commitment for orchestra outside of the school day consists of home practice and two evening concerts, one in winter and one in spring. Practicing at home is vital to success on a musical instrument to help reading skills and to reinforce the playing techniques taught in class. Students are expected to practice at least 60 minutes per week. Weekly homework grades consist of documenting home practice on a practice chart and acquiring a parent signature.


The school does not provide instruments, but highly recommends rental over outright purchase. The orchestra directors will discuss rental recommendations at their parent informational meetings in the spring, or you may contact them directly with specific questions. Cello and bass students will use school-owned instruments in class, but rent their own instrument for home practice. All orchestra students will need to have an instrument and method book by the second week of school.


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